Things are getting bad out there folks, I don't need to tell you that. And there is no guarantee that the Lord will come back before an economic collapse or serious unconstitutional action. We need to work together as brothers and sisters in Christ to see if it is the Lord's will to be agents of change and preparation. The time for talk and half measures (even if it is even half) is over.

There are no membership requirements. It is an unofficial joining of likeminded people that will pray, plan, prepare,  be politically proactive, and tell others about this fellowship and website. Membership is for those who want to post articles on the Blog, and be actively involved in this ministry endeavor.

It is the policy of the FCCCP to not divulge how many members there are, even if/when we reach a number that we'd be "proud" about sharing. Because when it is all said and done, it shouldn't matter to others including elected officials if it's hundreds, thousands, or millions.

May the Lord be pleased to use you, me and the rest of the FCCCP according to His will and good pleasure. Thank you!