Welcome to the official website of the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots. That's a mouthful, isn't it? We break it all down below for you. We are a fellowship of like minded people that are concerned about the economy collapsing, and how the various levels of government would handle it based on the U.S. and State Constitutions. Some are members and some are not because there are no membership requirements except for those who want to post articles and/or be actively involved in this Fellowship. This is a ministry of Founder & Director Pester Brat, with a fellowship of Christians to be an encouragement and help to this ministry. Please check out the website to learn more, and contact Pester Brat if you have questions or comments. Thank you, and may our holy, loving, sovereign Lord bless you real good :-).

What is a Patriot? Dictionary.com says: 1. A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.2. A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

What then is a Constitutional Patriot? To further clarify the second definition of "patriot" above, we are a fellowship that believes the various levels of Government should follow and uphold the Constitution of the United States since we are a "Constitutional Republic" and our elected officials swear an oath to uphold such Constitution.

Why Christian Constitutional Patriot? While we appreciate those of other religions who may agree with us about the role of the Constitution and have some of the same concerns we have, the Founder of this group wanted to have a fellowship that is Christian, and where the messages and articles will be based on biblical Christian principles. Please see our "what we believe" section for more details.

What are you concerned about? Well, that's what this fellowship and website is all about. There will be messages and articles from the founder and others dealing with the various concerns covering such issues as our country's national debt and the ramifications, as well as constitutional issues.

Mission and Goals


1. To inform and warn the body of Christ and American citizens of the various issues threatening our way of life in these United States both temporally/physically, and eternally/spiritually, from a biblical perspective.

2. To encourage the body of Christ and American citizens to get or stay involved with local, state, and federal representatives by voting at election time, contacting them, meeting with them, and conducting peaceful protests when necessary.

3. By communicating with our various state's representatives and senators, city councils, mayors, chiefs of police, and county commissioners and sheriffs, to see where they stand and what they will do to protect their citizens from possible martial law, mandatory evacuation to FEMA Centers, any other unconstitutional actions, and an international and national economical collapse.

4. To encourage the body of Christ and American citizens to do what they can to stock up on water, food, items of necessity, and more, in case of a major economical collapse before the Lord returns.

5. To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and speak of the need for repentance from nationally condoned and committed sins of abortion and sexual immorality, since anything else we do may be for naught if there is no repentance, and since the gospel is God's means to change hearts.

6. To encourage local churches and their servant-leaders to inform and educate their members of these things.

7. To pray corporately as a fellowship and as individuals for wisdom, compassion, boldness, changed hearts, salvation, spiritual growth as Christians, our churches, and growth and success of this fellowship.

8. To tell other Christians about this fellowship by word of mouth and social media.

9. To have regular messages by the Founder & Director via The Pester Brat Report to help accomplish FCCCP's mission.

Check out our Blog to read articles by the Director and Members and respond to them.